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JANUARY 24, 2024

We are a new print and online magazine based in Brooklyn, New York, that launched this month. (January, 2024).
(the)MAGAZINE strives to motivate its readers to make a positive difference in their own lives and communities. Each issue features individuals and organizations which are using practices that will lead to long-term sustainability, revolutionary trends, and critical advocacy, and thus be a driving force for change. By highlighting these notable events and projects, the magazine inspires its readers to live more conscious and compassionate lives, thereby contributing to a better world.

(the)MAGAZINE is looking for assignment-based content writers with strong writing skills. The content writer will be responsible for creating, improving, and updating content for internal publications, including print, online articles, and social media posts.

- Create well-researched content for all publications.
-Utilize industry best practices and familiarity with the organization's mission to inspire ideas and content
- Create relevant content for the aforementioned multiple platforms.
-Proofread and edit posts prior to publication.
-Follow an editorial calendar and collaborating with other members to ensure the timely delivery of materials. 
-Frequency for social media and online content is anticipated to be once a week, with quarterly or bi-annual print (TBD). Deliverables on a given Sunday.

- Proven record of excellent writing demonstrated in a portfolio or article samples.
- Good time management skills
- Must have a passion for fashion, design, music and the arts.

Please write to with a short bio and (link to) sample articles and/or writings.

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