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(the)MAGAZINE is highly committed to environmental and social justice causes, but also has a deep appreciation for the visual and performing arts and a firm belief in the far-reaching, life-changing potential of creative expression. Our articles and interviews showcase the intersection between art, activism, and social change, highlighting the power of creativity to drive positive impact. Through our magazine, we aim to amplify voices that are often marginalized and bring attention to pressing issues in our society.

Every issue features projects, groups, and the people who started them and are working to make the future more sustainable through creative methods, strong advocacy, and new trends. The magazine wants to show how art and social justice are linked and how creativity can be a powerful force for change. We believe that telling stories of strength, activism, and new ideas can motivate other people to act and make their communities better places to live. While storytelling can be a powerful tool for inspiring change, it is important to recognize that systemic issues require more than just individual action and inspiration - they necessitate structural and policy changes as well. Additionally, focusing solely on individual stories of success may overlook the broader societal barriers that prevent widespread progress towards a more fair and sustainable world. 


Managing Fashion Editor:
Rick Davy (FWBK/BK Style Foundation)

Managing Music Editor: Vivienne Aerts

Contributing Writers:
Roxanne Guiney
Bas Groot
Ebrahim Kumasi
Cyrene Renee
Didem Ozdemir
Lee Lanier

Vida Sabbaghi
Vivienne Aerts

Contributing Editors:
Josephine Dlugosz
Terra Friedman King 
Roxanne Guiney
Elizabeth Simins

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