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I am a New York City based photographer, born in Thailand and raised in The Netherlands. 
My style and work ranges in extent from social and political advocacy and commentary to cutting edge fashion and style. My work is responsive to and anticipates emerging social trends.  Edgy black and white imagery is often tinged with a playful hint of satire.
My camera is a tool for curious self-expression. I seek to find new things through the lens, to better understand my reality, and to express how I perceive the world around me.
I am keenly interested in how others respond to and react to my work.  But the ultimate reward is in the doing.

When asked about my philosophy and inspiration, I am most inspired by black and white photography, in the way that it helps to give prominence to both the timelessness and the stark emotional center of each shot.
My dad used to have a dark room and carry his camera around everywhere. So for as long as I can remember I’ve been ‘exposed’ to and fascinated by the art and science of photography — there ain’t no other language I know how to speak ! 

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