RAWStudio/Brooklyn, NY.



Welcome to my photography of advocacy, social habits and commentary in it’s fashionable styles. It is my responds to emerging (social) trends, with a hint of satire. Other times I record the candid moment of a single expression.

The camera is my tool for curious self-expression – to find new things trough the lens, to better understand my reality, and to express how I perceive the world around me. Even more so interesting is how others respond and perceive the work.  But the ultimate reward is in the doing!

I am most inspired by black and white photography in the way that it helps give prominence to both timelessness and the emotional center of each shot. I shoot mostly digital these days.

My dad used to have a dark room and carry around his camera everywhere. As long as I can remember I have been exposed to and fascinated by the science and art of photography - there ain't no other language I know how to speak!