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My camera is my tool for curious self-expression. I seek to find new things through the lens, comprehend my reality, and express how I perceive the world. 
I believe photos contribute to knowledge and self-awareness, without meeting the standards of truth and absolute certainty.
I am most interested in how others respond to and react to my work. But the ultimate reward is in the doing.

Since my early memories, I have been introduced to and captivated by the art and science of photography. My dad had a darkroom and always carried around his camera everywhere.
I find myself fascinated by the power of black-and-white, in the way that it helps to give prominence to its timelessness and how it can convey and highlight emotion.
When asked about my philosophy and inspiration, producing an authentic image that reveals the nature of a person is most inspiring. And showing someone a great photo of themselves is most thrilling.  

I worked in commercial photography until technology simplified its craft and instantly flooded the planet with professional photographers and made expertly curated images go unnoticed . 
While the digital change brought many challenges, it also opened up new opportunities for me to express myself and evolve as a photographer.
I discovered that my passion is in fine-art  and have since continued my pursuit.  This shift has allowed me to explore my creativity without the constraints of client demands and commercial deadlines. I now have the freedom to capture moments and scenes that truly inspire me. 

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