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Fashion is art. Yes, that is how this starts off. It is in the title. It is in everything that permeates in all that we do. One of the first thoughts we think of is “what am I going to wear?” Regardless of whether it is to the office, a social event, or an everyday occasion. 

How we look matters. This also leads to hope. The preparation for the next day or function gives us something to look forward to. It takes us out of the now and into the future. A simple and most basic way of being fashion forward.


Next up is style. Style is personal. Style can be vibrant or subdued. Style is how we see ourselves

in the world. In style, the individual becomes the artist. The person shares their expression to the

world of how they want to appear as well as to be perceived. Style changes and we change. 

It evolves and we grow. As our bodies change, 

as trends fade and as seasons shift from the

next. We decided who we will become. 

We choose who we will remain.


So, what is the point? We yearn to be recognized for our own personal expression. The self-

expression between language and colors. The similarities between fabrics and the binding of

endless books. It all matters. It all tells not only our stories, but the stories of our communities.

The tales that create our societies. It does not matter if it is truth buried in fiction. This cycle

creates culture. Culture is our way of life. While life shapes our existence.

Who creates the rules? Not wearing white in winter. 

Who breaks them? Anyone who pleases.

Where there is not white in winter, we would have no winter white. There are no proper rules to expression. My white bubble coat at 16 years old taught me that. Why not be camouflaged in the snow? As we are bright with the flowers the bloom in spring. If black is chic, then so can magenta. If blue is calming, then so can sage or salmon. If rage is only fire and crimson, can we not also feel it draped in brown or taupe?


We are all designers in our own way. In the sense of creating our own realities, relationships, and palates. We sweep through our destinies and decide what will be fulfilling. There are no rights or wrongs. Other opinions only matter if they agree with our own, correct? For most, yes. Although, opposition challenges us. It allows for the development beyond immaturity and the expansion of personal ideals. We live amongst our one-sided theories.

If we are not learning, we are not living.

If we are not living, we are stagnant and that defeats existence. Nature alone gives us that lesson.

Do the trees not dress for the occasion? Does autumn and summer not spark global shifts?


Rock your suits, jeans, sandals, boots, crop tops, and satchels. Show off your glitter, linen, silk, leather, and natural dyed cotton. Be sustainable, upcycle, vintage, and make the old new again for you. Adorn with bangles, rings, turbans, Yankee fitted, and a cashmere scarf. 

Respect the differences and embrace the similarities. 

Allow who you are internally to be visible to the world. So, I ask you what are you going to wear tomorrow?”

Be real 

Be your authentic self 

We need you to be

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