"Trumpadover" at the "TRUMPED" Fundraiser Exhibit curated by NWNE

November 15, 2017


My “Trumpadover" Illumination is shown at “TRUMPED” & "Are You Still Nasty" a curated fundraiser exhibition by Michaela Wetherell and Lady Kitt (NWNE-UK). The exhibit is in conjunction with the first ever Nasty Women International Conference 2017. On Exhibit are works by Nasty Artists who have been prominent in the Movement since it’s inception in Jan 2017.


I am not a very political person but in the case of  the person in charge of the USA, LadyFingers-in-chief, The Donald, I have taken a certain interest.  The dark side of his persona and a long list of “WRONG!" political views motivated me to respond with a series of dark-humored photographs . At times I just didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I prefer laughing which hopefully reflects in the work most times..http://www.rawthentic.photo/nastygirls


The “Trumpadover" was half inspired by a quote from Plato:

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light”


Other artist contributing to the exhibit;. Airco Caravan founder of NW Amsterdam (Netherlands), Sarah Maple prolific Nasty Women and multi award winning artist (UK), Trudy Giordano dedicated Nasty artist (USA), and Nicky Harrison from White Hot Communications- queen of “Nasty” PR (UK) .


Concurrently on November the 16th (9.30am-4pm) and 17th (9.30am-12.30pm) NWNE will be holding the first EVER International Nasty Women Conference with key note address by founder of the movement, New York based artist, Roxanne Jackson, plus talks /workshops / art by a huge variety of fantastic Nasties from around the world.


Tickets just £12-! Come and be part of shaping the future of this exciting global movement...

for tickets https://www.lladykitt.com/nastywomen-tickets


Location: Thought Foundation, Clarity House, Durham Road, DH3 2TB Birtley, United Kingdom


The postcard (70 copies) below is also "for sale" at the exhibit.






Photo credit: Trudy Giordano

Illumination: Rachel Chaos (Chaos Built)






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